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Report of the National Reading Panel (2000)

The National Reading Panel Report:  A Primer for Teachers (2005)

  • THE NATIONAL READING PANEL REPORT: Practical Advice for Teachers (
  • This summary gives important partial clues as to what reading instruction needs to be like in order to be effective; after some time, even more of the picture will be filled in with information from research.   The information in this report was accurate at the time it was published, but it is not being updated.

On the Same Page: A Primer on the Science of Reading and Its Future for Policymakers, School Leaders, and Advocates (2024)


Barksdale Reading Institute

  • Barksdale Reading Institute (
  • The Barksdale Reading Institute (BRI) works to improve the overall quality of public education in Mississippi through strategic literacy initiatives and the providing professional development to teachers and administrators.  BRI was founded in 2000 by Jim and Sally Barksdale, who, after researching the state of education in America, became convinced that reading is the most fundamental skill that every child must master in order to become successful.

The Reading League

  • The Reading League - The Science of Reading
  • The Reading League’s vision is that all educators who teach students to read will use evidence-aligned practices, resulting in successful reading outcomes for their learners.

Reading Universe


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