Official State Organizations

GOVERNOR: Office of the Governor, Children’s Cabinet

LEGISLATURE: Maryland General Assembly

STATE AGENCIES: Maryland State Board of Education

Maryland State Board of Education

  • Maryland State Board of Education Overview (
  • The State Board sets the educational policy and standards for pre-kindergarten through high school, vocational rehabilitation services, passes regulations that have the force of law, and is empowered to interpret the true meaning and intent of the law. The State Board also reviews and approves three annual budgets (the Department of Education headquarters budget, the state aid to local education budget, and state-aided institutions budget) before they are passed on to the governor's office for approval or revision and then to the General Assembly for final action. 
  • On January 23, 2024, the Maryland State Board of Education called for the statewide adoption and implementation of literacy instruction based on the Science of Reading starting with the 2024-25 academic year.   

Maryland State Department of Education

Maryland Commission of Higher Education

  • Maryland Higher Education Commission
  • Teacher preparation programs that operate in Maryland are approved by the Maryland Commission of Higher Education.  Teacher preparation programs that lead to licensure are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Maryland Longitudinal Data Systems Center

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  • The purpose of the Maryland Longitudinal Data System (MLDS) is to generate timely and accurate information about student performance that can be used to improve the State’s education system and guide decision-makers at all levels. To accomplish this task, the MLDS collects and organizes individual-level student and workforce data from all levels of education and the State’s workforce.

Maryland State Library Agency

  • Maryland State Library Agency
  • The Maryland State Library Agency (MSLA) is an independent agency providing strategic leadership and guidance to Maryland’s public libraries. MSLA promotes the planning and implementation of library progr​ams, supports staff and career development through education and training, and facilitates resource sharing among libraries. 

Accountability and Implementation Board

  • AIB (
  • The AIB is charged with many responsibilities to ensure the implementation of the Blueprint and the achievement of its important goals for Maryland students. The AIB is charged with developing a Comprehensive Implementation Plan to guide and coordinate State and local implementation of this transformative work.

State Resource Organizations

Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center ASDEC

  • ASDEC is a regional leader for training, support, and advocacy of evidence-based multisensory teaching strategies essential for individuals who are dyslexic or have learning differences. As a nationally accredited professional development center, ASDEC trains and certifies Academic Therapists and educates teachers, tutors, parents, and school leaders in effective methods to help individuals who are dyslexic or have other learning differences. Through our efforts, we enable individuals to achieve success, to acquire increased confidence in their talents, and to realize their full potential.

Decoding Dyslexia Maryland

Maryland Book Bank

  • Home | themarylandbookbank (
  • We are energetically and passionately continuing the work of getting free books into the hands of children.   Our Members enjoy benefits like unlimited visits and books as well as exclusive access to special events.  Non-Members may also visit once per month and take 25 books and children are always welcome to take as much as they can carry!

Maryland Initiative for Literacy and Equity (MILE)

  • MILE (
  • The Maryland Initiative for Literacy and Equity (MILE) is harnessing research-to-practice partnerships in the fields of education, speech and language pathology, library sciences, policy, and community stakeholder outreach. These efforts are aimed at driving integrative research, both translational and basic, that is contextualized with respect to marginalized communities across race, culture, ethnicity, and language, as well as neurodiverse populations.

The Reading League Maryland 

Strong Schools

  • Strong Schools Maryland
  •  Strong Schools Maryland has shifted its mission to continue working with supporters across the state to monitor the implementation of the Blueprint law; advocate for legislative and regulatory policy changes to further educational equity; and build the technical capacity of everyday Marylanders to hold state and local officials accountable to their responsibilities.

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