Our Funders

Maryland READS is honored to have earned the confidence of the Nam-Macgill Family Fund and the Sherman Family Foundation.


The Nam-Macgill Family Fund is focused on getting more underserved students in Maryland into and through college and into well-paying careers. They partner with universities, non-profits and employers to help develop pilot programs and services around college completion and career readiness. They have heard from their university and employer partners that Maryland students' low reading levels is one of the biggest barriers to college persistence and to completing the job training needed for the fastest growing employment sectors in the state.  Here's what they said about Maryland READS:

We believe that the Maryland READS team can bring a new approach to a long-standing problem and get results where others haven't. These results will both help underserved communities and the state's economy as a whole.

— Mary-Ragan (MR) Macgill


The Sherman Family Foundation's founders, George and Betsy Sherman, have a profound belief in the power of education to create better opportunities, better communities, and stronger families. They established their foundation in 1995 to make long-term, strategic investments in programs that are scalable and have compelling evidence of helping vulnerable, economically disadvantaged children and their families achieve better outcomes in all aspects of their lives.

Make a Donation Today!

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation or share a grant opportunity to help Maryland READS raise operational funds for 2024, please contact:

Trish Brennan-Gac
[email protected]

Become a Partner

Maryland READS is forming an Expert Advisory Committee and a Strategic Advisory Committee.

Expert Advisory Committee

Maryland READS is eager to bring the voices of researchers, practitioners and policy leaders to our table to inform our work.  If you are interested in lending your expertise to help improve reading instruction and proficiency in Maryland, please contact:

Kate Gerry
[email protected]

Strategic Advisory Committee

To continue to develop our body of work, we are seeking individuals who are willing to support the development of our fundraising strategy as well our approach to informing policy development.  If you are willing to engage your network and share your expertise on behalf of Maryland READS, please contact:

Trish Brennan-Gac
[email protected]

Join Us!

Maryland READS is actively recruiting members for our board of directors, strategic advisor committee, and expert advisor committee as well as partner organizations to join our coalition. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to learn about opportunities to be engaged.

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