Our Letter of Support for the NEW Maryland Reading Resolution

Download and read our letter of support for the NEW Maryland Reading Resolution.

“Our Direction is Clear” highlights the initiatives and goals outlined by Maryland READS, an organization dedicated to improving reading proficiency in the state. The Maryland State Board of Education recently adopted a Reading Resolution to rank among the top ten states in reading on the 4th and 8th grade NAEP exams by 2027. Currently, Maryland ranks relatively low in reading scores compared to other states.

To achieve this goal, Maryland READS emphasizes the importance of collaboration and alignment of reading instruction with the Science of Reading, a research-based approach supported by the National Reading Panel. The organization aims to create a thriving reading ecosystem through various strategies and partnerships to support classroom instruction and improve reading proficiency.

Maryland READS encourages engagement from individuals and organizations to support their efforts in improving reading proficiency in the state. They express gratitude to those contributing expertise and invite others to join the initiative or partner with them at district-level convenings. The summary also provides contact information for further involvement and resources to learn more about their approach and initiatives.