About Maryland READS

Maryland READS is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that believes research and data drive discussions that lead to decisions.

Our work will focus on addressing gaps revealed through  research, data, and insights on reading instruction in Maryland. We will use the findings from our examination of policies and practices in Maryland  to inform governance and legislative plans in partnership with state and local leaders and stakeholders. To ensure that legislation is enacted and successfully implemented, we will build a coalition to support and inform our work.


Our vision is that Maryland schools will teach every child to read so they are college, career and life ready.

We do this by spearheading and supporting  research, generating and promoting evidence, and building partnerships to inform decision-making with respect to reading among policymakers, educators, and families. We believe that the application of the Science of Reading (SoR) continues to inform practice and that the field is evolving and dynamic.


Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of reading instruction and ensure that it meets the diverse academic, cultural and linguistic needs of every student.

Our team is committed to creating a statewide systemic change initiative focused on improving reading instruction in the state of Maryland, modeled after the lessons learned in Mississippi and other states who are beginning to see results from their implementation of SoR. Mississippi's focused, long-term approach to change reading instruction rooted in research and evaluation has achieved notable, positive results for students.

Our Goals

The following goals guide our work:


Facilitate and influence educator preparation programs (EPPs) to provide faculty, administrators, in-service and  pre-service educational professionals with knowledge and practice rooted in the dynamic field of the Science of Reading.


Facilitate and influence state and local school systems' professional development initiatives to reflect the knowledge and practice of the dynamic field of the Science of Reading.


Inform and respond to policymakers at all levels on the alignment of policies to the evolving field of the Science of Reading.


Serve as a trusted resource to all stakeholders on the evolving field of the Science of Reading and its application in Maryland.

Join Us!

Maryland READS is actively recruiting members for our board of directors, strategic advisor committee, and expert advisor committee as well as partner organizations to join our coalition. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to learn about opportunities to be engaged.

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